Monday, January 25, 2010

I just realized that I have not been on the computer since Jan. 10th. I really am getting out of touch with the world I guess, We have beeen having a lot of company since I have been able to receive visiitors. When I first came home from the hospital I still had that darn infection that was contagious so no one came and now it really seem good to see people. I still have the visiting nurse twice a week and the aide twice a week. On the days the nurse doesn't come Mr. Bob repacks my arm and puts a new dressing on. (Maybe he should get a Nursing Degree,) We have been having a tremendous amount of rain here and the weather is supposed to change starting today. Most of our snow is gone and I bet we are about ready to get a whopper of a snow storm from the way the weather report looks. Tomorrow we have to go into Auburn so I can get some blood work done and I have got some gift cards from Kohls so maybe I'll stop there and see about getting a new pair of slacks. Last night our neighbor upstgairs brought us a big dish of homemade lasagna so that was our supper tonight with a nice green slad to go with it. No dessert but some nice orange sections that Mr. Bob had peeled. Right now he is watching a basketball game on TV so I am making good use of my time on the computer. Hope everyone is well and I am looking foreward to maybe finding some new friends to visit through my blog site. Stay warm everyone.. lilly

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  1. I hope you are feeling much better. We have had lots of rain too and even a little snow. I am ready for Spring. Do you start your flowers from seeds? Will you have petunias in your pots again this summer?