Sunday, January 10, 2010

This was one of our busiest Saturdays we have had in a long time. First our niece came to visit and we enjoyed a lunch made by my husband .She brought us a new puzzle to work on and will probably take a month to finish. Then one of our daughters arrived with our granddaughterand then the door bell rung once again and it was my brother and his wife. Our apartment is quite small and we suddenly had people sitting on the floor but what an enjoyable time we all had. My brother brought us two homemade chicken pot pies that he had made last weekend and froze so we enjoyed them tonight for our supper. He is truly a great cook. I could only manage to eat half of mine so you can guess what lunch is for tomorrow. We really didn't expect any company as the temperature was close to 0- degrees and our car doors were froze shut. Today has been very quiet and the sun was shining most of the afternoon so our car doors became unthawed... Hopefully tomorrow is a little warmer as we do have to go out and this cold doesn't help the breathing especially if the wind is blowing. Hope everyone has a good week. lilly

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  1. You must be happily pooped. Take it easy today.
    It's that cold here, too and I have not ventured out.
    Today I have to drive the mile to the post office but that will be all I do!
    Have a restful day, Jan