Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Morning, It is now 7:00 AM and it is raining here. Sometime today it is supposed to snow and then rain some more. Right now it is 21 degrees so that is the warmest it has been in several days. My fingers are working some better now so I have started to crochet another doily. I know it will take a long time to finish it even though it is quite small but I can only work for a short time on it as the fingers start shaking again. They are supposed to come work on our bathroom sink sometime today as the faucet doesn't work right. Saturday my neice is coming over and so is one of the girls with our granddaughter,that will be a busy day and than on Sunday my brother and his wife are coming over and bringing homemade chicken pot pies. Oue neighbor to the back of us is always sending food over. Yesterday it was baked beans with bacon. I guess we will never starve and it does help my husband so he doesn't have to fix so much food. Guess I'd better go and get ready for the day. lilly

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  1. Oh, send those neighbors this way. I have a gal who occasionally brings a meal by and it really helps as sometimes when I can't do it the husband declares, "Oh I not hungry." and doesn't make any meal. I guess if he's not hungry I must not be...hehehe.
    Hard breathing is keeping me down but I can work/play in ten minute spurts so my dolls are getting most of my attention.
    12 days to go before I see the new specialist. It is a five hour drive so we'll stay at least one night depending on what tests they decide I need.
    Stay warm and don't overdo. Jan